Searched.. And Found

First of all, let me say, if you searched for images of little boys and it landed you here – move on, you won’t find what you’re looking for here, and for the record, I’ve actually prayed that you would be smote.  Really.

For everyone else who is completely clueless now, hang in there, I’ll get to my point.

I want to reach a large audience with my blog.  I’ve talked about this before.  I want to encourage people.  Mamas who are much like me and doubt so much what they’re doing.  Mamas who homeschool.  Mamas who are at the beginning edge of a large family.  Mamas who don’t have nearly enough money or time.  Mamas who worry way too much.

I’ve been looking into growing my blog further.  I had a friend talk about keywords the other day.  And my stats.  And learning from them.

At the same time, I just happened to run across 2 blogs (one a friend – hi Brenda! and the other a random Blogher writer) within a couple days of each other that got a kick out of looking at the keywords that people had searched to land those said people at their blogs.  I thought, “Well, surely my little stat counter will tell me similar funny stories and provide me with what you people out there want to know.” 

Yep.  It did.

My Children’s Book Tuesday was a big one – wow, didn’t know y’all really enjoyed it, had dropped it consequently, and now know I will be back at it next week – sorry I disappointed you for 2 whole weeks – get those Christmas books ready!

Epidural pain at 6 weeks postpartum.  Oh, darlin’.  I’m sorry.  Call that doctor.  Been there.  Hope you found encouragement here.  You’re the sweet kinda mama I’m hopin’ to reach.

Recipes – I’ve mainly added these to my site for my quick find times when I don’t want to dig through my beloved cookbook.  So glad to have helped you.  I’ll continue to put my favorites in here, be sure to check back.

Kids’ loft.  Wow.  Over and over this was searched for.  I should’ve known.  We did a bunch of searching before we built ours.  Hope you found inspiration and that your kids love theirs as much as ours do!

But then there were 3 different entries that made my heart simultaneously stop and pound out of my chest.  They included words like “naked” and “boys” in the same search.  With a little digging I saw where they had come from, which post they landed at, and that they had even searched using google images.  They even used the word “potty” in the search.  Now, maybe these searches were innocent (who’s bettin’ against this one with me?).  But maybe not so much.  And to you, not so much person, I want to cuss you.  And cause you harm.  Really.  I wanted to pull my whole blog down.  Take away all my kiddos’ pictures.  I talked to my husband about it.  We agonized together.  I asked him if I should be done with this world.  He reminded me what I already knew (I’m not completely naive) that when there are blogs about kids that are public there will be predators.  I know.  In theory.  But I didn’t expect to see 3 different instances in one week where they searched and found my blog.  My kids.  Now, if you’re new here, you might not know that I never post unclad pictures of my kids.  But even their sweet little faces looking at the camera became eerie through the lens that I was now peering.  I hate our fallen world. 

Hate it. 

Will there be blogs when the world is set right?  I don’t know.  I think maybe.  They bring joy and togetherness and information and encouragement. 

And they bring pain in this current world.  It will end someday.  There will be only joy someday.  That is where my hope is.   

Do I keep doing this?  Talking about my children in an open forum?  For now, I think the answer is yes.  Guardedly.  Prayerfully.  One day at a time.  There may come a time when I get too spooked and call it off.  But today… I’m still here.  Still wanting to reach others for good.

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  • Angie

    I have heard of this, I need to find out how you go about getting that info. I don’t think my stat counter is a very reliable one.

  • Kathi

    clueless and sweating on this one !?!?!?

    what do we do?

    – Kathi

  • Paula

    Oh honey, I feel your pain. Once upon a time when we had an actual website, I saw that people looking for pictures of little girls had been pointed to my website, and they had been looking at pictures of my beautiful little Sunshine. I know the sick feeling.
    But you know what? Those same people are checking our children out at Wal-Mart. At parks. And especially at swimming areas. I’ve decided that it would be easier for them to see us in public and follow us home in their car than to find me on the web (one of the reasons I got rid of my domain name; I didn’t want anyone to be able to google my address and phone number.)
    I’m just praying with you for God to smite them.

  • Karen

    I have checked my stats for quite sometime and it is the exact reason I changed from my old blog name. The things people were searching for and finding my blog through brought tears to my eyes. I have seriously thought about taking mine down completely because there are a few searchs that raise red flags for me. it is part of the reason I don’t use their names on my blog.

  • Brooke White

    Some ppl are just sick. I didn’t know you could even track it. It is a scary world. I am so glad we have God in our lives to guide us through it all.

  • Marsha

    That truly sickens me. We most definitely live in a fallen world. I am so thankful that we can know and be with the only one who can Redeem!!!

  • Blessed Adventures

    I have to know how you did this. ERRRR I feel like Im going to get sick. Thanks for the info.

  • Sara

    Oh honey – that’s so scary and sick. I’m so sorry!

    I don’t think you have to call off the whole blog to avoid the creeps – just use wisdom and restraint in what you post. My husband has always been squeamish about posting pictures of the kids in a public forum, so we don’t. I can’t say I haven’t cursed him under my breath for making my blog boring a few times… but then I hear stories like this and am thanking my lucky stars for his wisdom.

    Here are a couple of blog rules I live by – for whatever it’s worth – just in case they’re helpful or spark an idea of how to do it all better/safer:
    Never post our last name anywhere.
    Never post pictures of our kids’ faces.
    Never post pictures of our house or neighborhood that are geographically recognizable.

    I also don’t allow Google to search and catalog my blog – for these exact reasons… though it really is a double-edged sword. Like you said, blogs are such an amazing way to create community and help each other out – can you do that effectively if new people can’t find you? I don’t know the answer… I’m right there with you on this one.

  • becca

    Hi! I’m here from A Familiar Path. This post really struck me. It’s also a worry/fear of mine. We do live in a fallen world and we spend so much of our energy as mothers to keep our children safe. Just gives you a sick feeling to know there are people out there like that.
    I had an unkind/wierd comment left just today. I deleted it and showed it to my husband. It wasn’t scary in terms of what you found but it did give me pause about the fact that total strangers can read. I always think it’s just family and those few bloggers I’ve connected with!
    Good to meet you here!

  • Jill

    So sorry! If it helps, I know you are a huge encouragement to other moms out there – every time a friend has a child, I send them to you – I know that you are just what they need! =)


  • brenda

    Ug. Ew. You know, Paula is right though. I’ve looked up the predators in our area and I know where they live. They aren’t just out in cyberspace but here in my neighborhood.

    The only thing I can tell you is to go back to those posts and replace a few letters with * and see if the hits stop. Bet they will.

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